About Me:

I grew up in the natural beauty of sunny South Africa, living in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Expression has always been my drive. Dance, music, theatre and writing are life-long passions, so working with my hands came as an unexpected twist.

Born to a dancer and an engineer, the artist and the explorer coexist in me. After my studies in cultural sciences and education, I had a strong urge to travel and unravel. At this synchronous moment, I met a group of travellers passing through my home city. They crafted exotic jewellery on-the-move and had a strong sense for celebrating life! They sparked ideas for a mobile income, and this shifted my course.

2006 marked my pioneer trip to India to source jewellery materials; create art in changing landscapes and meet a sea of cultural people. It began a journey of sourcing, creating, selling and teaching, which still moves me between India, Dubai and S. Africa.

What you see in my portfolio is mainly self-taught and has evolved through doing. Thanks to the hands that showed me the beginning ‘ropes’ and to the synergistic connections along the way, I am able to create original art and share it. synergy

My explorations and designs are the basis of my collection though I gladly accept custom orders to include your visions or materials. Running TWYST jewellery workshops for adults and kids is a parallel project for me and brings a lot of rewards. Students learn the basics of knotting patterns and netting stones to make jewellery or incorporate into their own skill sets. It’s an artisan’s craft which makes it artistic and therapeutic while concentration and co-ordination are also developing.


About My Art:

Knots are my playground. Like building blocks with a textured, sculptural power they form the details of each jewellery piece. The rhythms weave through the chord like an invisible code and I spice things up with color, mood and design.

My main materials are crystals, minerals, fossils, leather, wood, metals, bone, shell, recycled / reused materials and waxed chord. Leather work is a growing feature. Experience has taught me to listen to the shapes in my hands, and take it from there. Slowly my designs have evolved to catalogue a wide-range of possibilities.


Things That Inspire Me:

Nature: Complementing its forms, tones and moods.

Individuality: Each work comes out differently and each piece has its own unique story. Nature doesn’t duplicate, and I like it that way.

Variety & Fusion: My work is inspired by the places I visit and the people I meet. This pours into a playful mixture of materials and style elements.

Synchronicity: Traveling with this work has taught me about connecting with people at the perfect moment. A lot of creative energy stems from this.

Entrepreneurship: Dynamic skills and vision grow a business and it’s exciting to learn and develop these personally. The growth and positive feedback really engages me to go further!


Thank you for visiting my website. Enjoy browsing & come again, for art is an ever-evolving process.

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" From time to time an artist touches you with their imagination, designs & character. Bronwyn’s work is breathtaking."
-Beatrice Hissette