Transvaal Jade

I created this necklace in Berlin, while exploring possible designs for the next developing level of TWYST jewellery workshops. I’m interested to hear if my avid ‘Knotters’ would like to make this at a workshop.

Transvaal Jade is the centerpiece. I broke this shard in my own hands hammering chips off a larger rock. The mineral is found in the North Eastern parts of South Africa, and is actually not Jade at all, but a type of Glossular Garnett. It was named Jade when first found, because of its colour.


  • Transvaal Jade Mineral
  • Found in South Africa
  • The stone measures about 4 x 2.5 cm.

More info:

  • The string colours are beige, mint-green and mocca brown.
  • The stone beads are Green Aventurine and Chrysoprase .
  • The necklace closes with a slip knot, for adjustable length.

Properties of Transvaal Jade:

  • It works on the root chakra, easing one to be at home with oneself and environment.
  • It’s a stone known for manifestation and reveals the abundance of life, while releasing the fears of lack.
  • Physically it works on the Liver and helps speed healing of the physical body.
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" From time to time an artist touches you with their imagination, designs & character. Bronwyn’s work is breathtaking."
-Beatrice Hissette